A transcript is an official summary of a student’s academic performance.  Official transcripts show the entire record of all courses taken at the J.S.P.

Your name appears on your transcript as it appears on your record. Official transcripts include the School’s official seal and the signature of the Director and Representative of the School Board.

Electronic copies of transcripts are not available.

The following information is required to complete a request:

  • Your full name
  • Your year of admission and year of graduation
  • Your present address and contact number
  • Address where transcript will be sent
  • Proof of payment (emailed to

Payment options are as follows:

  • Online
  • Direct Bank deposit (Please contact for account information)

Services and Fees

  • Certification of unofficial transcript (print-out)- $500
  • Unofficial transcript (5 working days) – $1200
  • Official Transcript (5 working days) -$1500
  • Official Transcript (3 days express)- $3000
  • Replacement certificate (10 working days)- $5000
  • Replacement certificate(express -3 working days)-$10000

Delivery Options & Fee

  • Overseas Fax- J$500
  • Local Fax- J$300
  • Courier to the Caribbean- US$40
  • Courier to the United States- US$40
  • Courier to Europe- US$60
  • Courier to Canada- US$45

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