Life at the JSP

What We Provide


The JSP operates a limited residential facility for single male students in a dormitory setting. The actual cost of accommodation for all full-time students is borne by the JSP. Students should make arrangements to furnish their own financial support to take care of personal costs as JSP only provides tuition and accommodation.

The JSP also provides a fully equipped kitchen and dining room for use by students in preparing their own meals.  Home congregations are expected to contribute towards the food costs each trimester.


A library is available to students and members of staff. Students will need to use the books for research and assignments. There are specific library hours during which students will be allowed to use the library. Some books may be checked out of the library but must be returned within the time frame so specified.

In addition to the library, students may use the computer to research or read books and e-books through the Internet.

Computer Centre:

The school is in the process of re-engineering its Media Centre This is to facilitate both staff and students to use the Centre for enhancing teaching and learning.

Distance learning is in place for students enrolled in the distance/extension programs.

What We Expect

Students are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that honours the Lord.

If students do not behave well, they will be counselled, and if such behaviour persists, they will be dismissed.

Students with poor academic performance shall be given the opportunity for extra assistance to meet standards. After a reasonable time, a student not meeting grade requirements will be asked to leave.

Students should be respectful to everyone.

All students are required to be fully involved members of an existing congregation of the Lord’s church. They are required to attend the services and meetings of the church. The teachers in the school set the example by being active members of a local congregation.

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