Doctrinal Position

Our goal is to teach men and women what God has provided to mankind in the books of the Old and New Testament (commonly referred to as the Bible.) While our primary focus will be on the teachings of Jesus and his chosen apostles recorded in the New Testament, we will also familiarize students with the examples and wisdom shared in the Old Testament.

We believe that God (not man) is the sole source of authority.  However, for the sake of potential students and interested readers, we provide the following list of viewpoints that are shared among the faculty and staff of JSP.

We believe that
1.  The Bible is the inerrant, infallible inspired word of God.
2.  Jesus Christ was born of a virgin.
3.  The church is the body of Christ here on earth.
4.  Jesus Christ died, was buried and rose again.
5.  Baptism is for the remission of sins.
6.  Instrumental music is not for use in the assembly of the church of Christ.
7.  The second coming of Jesus is taught in the New Testament.
8.  Men and women are equal in the church, but each have different roles based on the teachings of the scriptures.

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