The JSP offers …

* Bachelor Degree in Biblical Studies
* Associate Degree in Biblical Studies

* Diploma in Biblical Studies
* Certificates in Biblical Studies

If a student attends all required classes and gets a passing grade then he / she will be
able to graduate in 4½ years. It may be possible to graduate earlier if the student takes
on extra load of studies on approval of the Director or his appointee.

During this course of study it is hoped that students will achieve the following:
1. Accept the Bible as the infallible word of God.
2. See the Bible as the absolute authority in determining the faith and practise of God’s people.
3. Be able to publicly preach and teach the word of God using all the oral skills that he / she acquired during the course of study.
4. Be able to skillfully interpret the scriptures using proper hermeneutical methods.
5. Have a full knowledge of the doctrines of scriptures and be able to teach them competently.
6. Be able to earnestly contend for the faith and defend the truth of the gospel.
7. Be able to start a new congregation or where possible work with an existing congregation.
8. Be able to provide effective leadership in the local church.

Auditing Courses:
Any person who meets the approval of the director, or his appointees, may audit courses in the school.

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