The JSP offers …

* Bachelor Degree in Biblical Studies
* Associate Degree in Biblical Studies

* Diploma in Biblical Studies
* Certificates in Biblical Studies

Admission is an individual matter and the J.S.P reserves the right to admit or decline applicants upon the basis of personal qualifications. When all the application requirements have been met by the student and acted upon by the School Director, the applicant will be notified of his acceptance or rejection. A personal interview may be required as a part of the application process.

Prospective students must meet all the usual criteria for admission including possessing an unquestioned Christian character and must demonstrate a serious and sustained desire to serve the Lord.

Auditing Courses:
Any person who meets the approval of the director, or his appointees, may audit courses in the school.

Candidates for Full-time Admission are required to complete the following procedure before official action can be taken by the school concerning the application:
1. The Application for Admission
2. Recommendations Submitted.
3. Transcripts of college courses completed be furnished.
4. Written evidence of adequate support must be furnished.

*The school will approve or reject all applications at least one month before the enrollment date.

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The Jamaica School of Preaching & Biblical Studies does not offer degrees or other
certifications accredited by any secular education association or governing body.  J.S.P will accept, on a per case basis, credit hours earned from selected schools of preaching and other institutions of higher learning.

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