Prison Ministry Needs your financial Support

The Jamaica School of Preaching and Biblical Studies as been involved in the work with the Prison Ministry for Juveniles for over thirty years.

The Metcalfe Street Juvenile Centre is grateful for the work that we are doing at this facility.  We cater for the spiritual need.  It would also be prudent to be involved in the physical aspect of this effort in making this facility more comfortable for these young men.

Our aim is to help these young men to have a positive outlook on life.   We want this not just from the spiritual but also from the physical aspect as well.   We were ask to take on this project of painting one of their cell blocks.  The painting material needed is as follows:

          Twenty (20) gallons of Gardenia

            Ten (10) gallons of Post Office Red

            Ten (10) gallons of Morning Glory

 Or we can give the equivalent which is $118,515.45 ja.    We are also hoping to start this project on October 20th-22nd, 2015.    Therefore we would like to have everything in by the 8th October 2015.    We need to purchase the goods ahead of time thanks.

Your effort will surely be rewarded.    Please support and pray for us we continue to do the Lord’s work.

 Thank you in advance

 Richard Reid          

Richard Reid

Prison Ministry

Note. Bro. Reid can be contacted at (876)449-8236 or email

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