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The J.S.P is a private institution affiliated with the Church of Christ. This institution is located in the Mona Heights community of Kingston, Jamaica. We have been at the center of training Christian men and women to spread the good news in the French, Spanish and English speaking Caribbean, North & Central America and as far as Nepal in Asia. Our graduates now serve in 18 countries throughout the western world. Please pray for and support this fine work in whatever way you can.

May this website help you to understand our efforts in the service of the Lord Jesus Christ.

God bless you,
Gladwyn Kiddoe
JSP Director

Email: gladwyniankiddoe@yahoo.com




Please Consider supporting this great work

This education is tuition free. We are able to offer these classes without tuition because of generous and faithful Christians who believe in the importance of preacher training. Individuals and churches  support the Jamaica School of Preaching because they understand the need for faithful Christians to be trained to preach & teach the Gospel

In addition to offering our classes tuition free, our aid to students is limited.Since 1970,we have been faithfully training Christians in the Word.  However, no good work takes place without giving and sacrifice, and our work has been blessed because many congregations of the church of Christ, as well as Christian men and women, have been willing to contribute to our work. Will you join us in this effort to train men to preach the Gospel?

There are a number of different ways to contribute to this work. Some contribute to our work on a regular basis,others do so on an intermittent basis as they have the ability while others may choose to support a student directly. Whatever way you choose to support, your contribution is greatly appreciated and needed.

We are prepared to meet with you personally about our work. To make arrangements for a visit with a personal representative of the Jamaica School of Preaching, Please feel free to contact us.